Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Three Imperatives in the Gulf Coast

If you want to see why it is critical that we move decisively in the Gulf Coast, check out this 3-minute video clip entitled: "New Orleans 14 months after Katrina--Forgotten City."
It is at:

The conditions you will see in the video demand immediate action. As I see it, there are 3 imperatives in the Gulf Coast. They are:

  1. the Economic Imperative: In order to rebuild the Gulf Coast, residents need living wage jobs and houses.

  2. the Psychological Imperative: In order for Gulf Coast residents to regain their empowerment and hope, which has been stolen from many, they need to be directly involved in the reconstruction of their communities.

  3. the Social Imperative: The social compact between citizens and government has been badly torn, and needs to be repaired.

    Martin Luther King said that, "justice delayed is justice denied." We want justice NOW.


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