Saturday, November 25, 2006

Choosing a Title for the Bill

I am in the process of choosing a title for the bill that will hopefully be introduced in Congress. Below are the titles being explored:
  • Gulf Coast Fairness and Responsibility Act
  • Gulf Coast Fairness and Prosperity Act
  • Gulf Coast Prosperity and Opportunity Act
Which title do you prefer? Do you have any other suggestions?


At 8:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a New Orleans resident, I prefer Gulf Coast Prosperity and Opportunity Act. The people of the Gulf Coast are in great need of opportunities. The Road Home program is not the final solution. It goes without saying that every American deserves to prosper no matter their financial situation.

I applaud your efforts and have been telling anyone who will listen about your Works project. It is exactly what this region needs to give hope to the thousands of residents still in limbo. It just makes so much sense!

One question: After enlisting Gulf Coast residents first, would other poverty stricken adults from acroos the nation be able to participate and start their lives over in the Gulf South?


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