Thursday, December 07, 2006

Louisiana Winter: Media Mentions

Two articles about Louisiana Winter are recommended for a read.

First, an excellent piece posted by Sue Sturgis on the Institute for Southern Studies' blog "Facing South" entitled As FEMA squanders storm aid, New Deal-type project proposed for Gulf is a great mention and coupling. Browse the entire site - very valuable information. Especially important read is the report: "One Year after Katrina"

Second, the SJSU student paper did an article interviewing the students and announcing the upcoming press conference. Written by Stefanie Chase it is entitled: SJSU students hope to bring attention to Gulf Coast.

There is so much more to post about the going-ons as we prepare for Louisiana Winter, Jan 14 - 20th, 2007, I hope to make time to keep you updated.

Until then visit the web site for the latest. Best, scott


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