Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Summit Strategy

Check out the new logo. A big thank you to Mark for sharing his talent!

After an incredibly successful "Louisiana Winter" in January, we have launched our next campaign: a National Post-Katrina College Summit in mid-April.

The Post-Katrina College Summit will be a nationwide, week-long effort to raise awareness about the Gulf Coast through documentary showings, guest speakers, spoken word, music, and other events.

The Summit is an attempt to catapult New Orleans and the Gulf Coast back into the national consciousness, and to promote federal legislation based on the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project.

Ten universities have already signed up to host a summit, and we are hoping for many more. If you are interested in hosting a summit, or know of someone who might be, please let us know.

Tied to the summit is a petition drive for 100,000 signatures, an on-line letter writing campaign to Congress, a campaign to get City Councils and State Legislatures to pass resolutions in support of the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project, and a Presidential Candidate Dispatch Team designed to question the candidates commitment to the Gulf Coast.

Our new campaign already has made the news. Click here to see the two-minute clip that recently appeared on CBS News in the San Francisco Bay Area. We hope you can participate in this campaign.

There is much to do and we need your help. Visit to join this generation's human rights struggle!

best, scott


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