Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Southern Studies' A New Agenda for the Gulf Report

Chris Kromm of Southern Studies is getting nice coverage of the must read "A New Agenda for the Gulf Report". They lend support to the idea of 100,000 Gulf Coast Civic Works jobs.

Let's hope Congress is listening.

A blog everyone should read: Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch http://www.southernstudies.org/gulfwatch/

"This week marks the 18-month anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The Gulf Coast is still in crisis -- tens of thousands of people are still displaced, the region's recovery stalled due to a lack of housing, jobs, schools and other basic needs.

...Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch has released A New Agenda for the Gulf, a 14 page report documenting the scope of the crisis in the Gulf. The report also reveals that -- while state and local leadership is important -- many of the most impressing issues go straight to Washington, and that federal action is needed to jump-start the recovery.

The report gives over 30 action steps Congress and the President can take now to help turn things around. Read the full report (pdf)."

And in the on-line edition of The Nation "Attaching accountability standards to federal subsidies--as well as launching a Gulf Civic Works Program to hire 100000 displaced people to rebuild their communities"


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