Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Santa Clara County Democratic Party Executive Board

March 27, 2007: This was submitted today by the Santa Clara County Democratic Party Executive Board to the California Democratic Party Resolutions Committee.

Kindly, ask California Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres to support this resolution. Contact him at chairman@cadem.org


Whereas, Hurricane Katrina destroyed over 200,000 Gulf Coast homes and many schools, hospitals, roads, community centers, bridges, parks, and forest lands; and

Whereas, the disparate impact of Hurricane Katrina's devastation on people of color, low-income, and working class families gives dramatic evidence of the continuing inequities of race and economic status as shown through the failure to maintain critical infrastructure needs prior to Katrina, the evacuation process, and the number of deaths, injuries and displacements; and

Whereas, the failure of the Bush administration and federal agencies to provide timely, effective and substantial aid continues to compound a national tragedy that has now become a national disgrace as exhibited by large areas of the Gulf Coast region remaining in need of reconstruction and the fact that over 100,000 Louisianans have applied for aid only 2,000 people have received grants; now therefore be it

Resolved, that the California Democratic Party calls upon the Bush administration and Congress to urgently prioritize the rebuilding of homes, schools, hospitals, transportation infrastructure, community resources; and the provision of immediate economic assistance to present and displaced Gulf Coast residents; and be it further

Resolved, that the California Democratic Party urges the national Democratic Party and our congressional leaders to introduce and fight for passage of federal legislation based on the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project, a national effort to create 100,000 jobs for Gulf Coast residents to rebuild their communities and lives.


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