Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Than Just Talk: John Edwards Mention of 50,000 Jobs for Gulf Coast

Bob Herbert's column recounts a conversation with John Edwards. He titles the column "More Than Just Talk". We are happy that John Edwards is also calling for jobs for the Gulf Coast; his idea is excellent -- we encourage him to take a much more public stand and call for serious rebuilding starting with 100,00 civic work jobs!

Below is the quote. Click here for the entire column:
"During a lengthy interview that followed his talk with the local residents, he told me that what had been allowed to happen to New Orleans was “an embarrassment for America” and that as president he would put the power of the federal government squarely behind its revival.

He said he would appoint a high-level official to take charge of the rebuilding, and he would have that person “report to me” every day. He said he would create 50,000 “steppingstone jobs,” in parks, recreation facilities and a variety of community projects, for New Orleans residents who have been unable to find any other work. And he said, “We’re also going to have to rebuild these levees.”


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