Monday, May 14, 2007

Warren Wilson College: National Post-Katrina Summit

Submitted by Janet Jones of Warren Wilson College

The Service-Learning Office of Warren Wilson College was greatly encouraged by the campus-wide participation in the recent National Post-Katrina Summit joined by 42 colleges and universities nationwide. A survey and panel discussion after a day long Expo and several presentations evolved into a discussion extending into WWC Board of Church Relations and Board of Visitors meetings that same week.

Black Mountain Presbyterian Church pledged their support to WWC's Post Katrina efforts on Thursday evening after a presentation by WWC students at their church. After assessment and reflection on Warren Wilson's commitment to Post-Katrina efforts, the Service Learning Office is proud to announce it's upcoming Epiphany Summer Youth Program in New Orleans.

Bonner Service Scholars, under the leadership of the NCCC Vista will intern in the 9th Ward and East New Orleans sharing their tutoring and mentoring expertise at a Cultural Day Camp for 7 to 13 year olds from June 4th through July 14th, 2007.

Epiphany Community Cultural Camp is a combined effort between Warren Wilson College, North Carolina Campus Compact, Epiphany Baptist Church of New Orleans and Baptist Builders of Baton Rouge.

In addition to the Day Camp, Reverend Dr. Louis Larmour of Epiphany, is helping WWC SLO coordinate 6 Community Service Saturdays. WWC student volunteers who have participated in three or more service trips to the Gulf Coast Region, will qualify to lead gutting and rebuilding crews in neighborhoods still needing help.

The first project is a Catholic Church in the 9th Ward which is still awaiting gutting and five adjacent homes. Families and especially Youth from the Cultural Camp program, will be invited each Saturday to join-in cleaning a series of parks starting at the heart of their own neighborhoods and extending throughout the area. NCCC Vista Volunteers make a commitment to create sustainable community service programs. It is our hope that the community building effort we instigate this summer will sustain itself through momentum even after WWC Students come back to school in the fall. The Camp involves Arts, A Mural Project, Journaling, Reading, Sports, Outings and Community Service.

Contact: Pat Tuttle or Janet Jones of Warren Wilson College to get involved.


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