Friday, June 01, 2007

Gulf Coast Civic Works Project pitched to Senator Edwards

Dear folks,

Today (5/31/07), I had the opportunity to discuss the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project with Senator Edwards after his campaign speech at SJSU.

In the very limited time I had, I told Senator Edwards about Louisiana Winter, the National Post-Katrina College Summit, and the coalition between us, Louisiana ACORN and ACT (PICO) that is forming to promote the Civic Works Project.

I conveyed to him that many of us are disappointed in the presidential candidates since they have not offered a specific plan to rebuild the Gulf Coast, and that we were looking for a partner to help fight at the national level for the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project.

I also told him that just as Iraq represents the international failure of the Bush administration, the response to Katrina represents the domestic failure.

We need to have someone say this at every campaign stop, and not just when they are in the Gulf. We need to have someone offer a bold and specific plan like the Civic Works Project to rebuild the Gulf. Senator Edwards listened respectively, and told me that he will read carefully the information that I had gathered for him. And then he was whisked off to his next engagement. I plan on following up with his staff in the next few days.

So today was good.

best, scott