Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Assembly Joint Resolution 22 passes out of Committee on a 5-0 Vote

Great news! Assembly Joint Resolution 22--which is in support of the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project--passed on a 5-0 vote in the Jobs, Economic Development, and Economy Committee. Victoria Chavez, Joshua Barousse, and Rochelle Jackson Smarr (all SJSU students), as well as Amber McZeal, a Katrina survivor who currently lives in the Bay Area, and I represented the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project.

Speaker Pro Tempore Sally Lieber started off the testimony by explaining why she has brought forward this resolution. This was followed by two powerful presentations by Amber McZeal and Victoria Chavez. The others in the group stated our names and our support for a "yes" vote on AJR 22.

After 10 minutes of discussion, AJR 22 was passed 5-0. The resolution now goes to the full Assembly for a vote in either two weeks or the end of August.

Happy Independence Day! After the apple pie and before the fireworks make time to read the Declaration of Independence!

best, scott ml


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