Monday, July 16, 2007

California AJR 22 - Make Calls Today!

Hey all,

Can you call today these Republican members of the House and ask them to support AJR 22. Thanks! We want to have some Republican support.

Here is the web site that has the Repbulican numbers:

And make sure you call Bonnie Garica, who voted for AJR 22 in the Committee; tell her we are couting on her vote in the full Assembly! Call: 916-319-2080.

The organizing is going well in NOLA - Amber & I are here. We met with 40 activists who went to the US Social Forum in Atlanta a few weeks ago. They included the GCCWP as one of the 3 action items in their resolution, so they should be a strong partner.

Tonight, a group of 10 students (one of which is Lindsay!) that I met with last night, Amber, and I will be turning out for the beginning of Edward's Poverty tour. We plan on chanting "100,000 jobs"!

Make those calls! scott ml


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