Friday, August 31, 2007

Yesterday, we had 300 students, Katrina evacuees, and community members participate in our march and rally in San Jose, CA, to commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of Katrina.

A Cal State Monterey Bay student, Estee Blanchard, who is from Louisiana, made this 1 minute promo of what took place. It is incredibly powerful!

It is at:

Comments Received:

"I am so touched and impressed that young people so far away in CA are this sensitive to our needs. You guys care more than the different levels of government do." Thank you, Gilda

"Hurricane Katrina: The Second Anniversary Commemoration hosted by SJSU and the GCCWP was both inspiring and heartwarming. I believe that the GCCWP is the ultimate solution to bringing back the Gulf Coast and its people. Applied in various disciplines, as was done by the New Deal's WPA, can shorten the rebound of the city of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast by at least five years. I will recommend to all I come in contact with to support the GCCWP. Thank you and the SJSU students for the vision of the GCCWP."
-- CC Campbell-Rock Survivors for Survivors, Inc. Pleasanton, CA

"As NOLA resident, I want to thank you for your activism. It means so much to us that people care. In the face of government indifference and lack of vision, the heroic acts of the region's residents and all the many thousands of volunteers who continue to help us as we struggle to survive and rebuild is a powerful beacon of hope. Please ya'll, pass this video on and join with GCCWP in this effort. " -- martwide


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