Thursday, January 31, 2008

GCCWP Receives Message of Support from Executive Director of BISCO

The following message was sent to us from Sharon Gauthe, who is the Executive Director of BISCO (Bayou Interfaith Shared Community Organizing):

I greatly appreciate everything all of you are doing to help keep the current situation here in Louisiana & the Gulf Coast fresh in the minds of the American public. The youthful energy of your students and their leaders is a blessing to us all. This is a wonderful project, very much needed as so much work is yet to be done, not only in New Orleans but along the whole coast. Our organization is in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parish. We are 60 - 90 miles southwest of New Orleans and were affected by Hurricane Rita as well as Katrina. Thank you for keeping our name on the minds of Americans throughout our great nation. They just don't know and when they do, they care and they do something about it, which can't be said for all of the politicians, some who vote against us but won't even come down to see our area's needs. Again, Thank you and best of luck in all of your endeavors in the future. Sharon


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