Monday, January 07, 2008

Louisiana Winter 2: 19 SJSU students arrived in New Orleans

Today, 19 SJSU students arrived in New Orleans to participate in "Louisiana Winter 2." The name was chosen to give homage to the students who participated in Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964.

The students will be working with LA ACORN in the Lower 9th Ward on rebuilding projects, as well as participating in a series of meetings to promote the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act (HR 4048).

This is our 2nd trip down to New Orleans, and incredibly we arrived on day of the BCS National Championship college football game. As we drove to our humble dorm-like rooms at Napolean House, we passed Bourbon Street, where LSU and Ohio State fans packed the streets in pre-game celebrations.

As we drove a few blocks down from the celebration, we turned right on Clayborne Street, and there in front of us were 100s of tents for the homeless under the underpass.

Right in front of us, clear as day: the two Americas....the "good life" of America and its shameful poverty.

The juxtaposition shocked us all, and left us angry. It also made us realize how important passing HR 4048 is to the future of New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, and America.


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