Sunday, January 20, 2008

Students react to Gulf Coast tragedy; Use media as an outlet

After becoming deeply moved by what they learned during a social action course at SJSU taught by Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton in Fall '07, two students created their own pieces reacting to the government's lack of leadership in securing aid to residents after Hurricane Katrina.

The two students were also part of a media team, which focused on obtaining media attention and developing outreach strategies in order to promote the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project.

Justin Ruiz is a senior at SJSU, and is majoring in Communication Studies. Justin also works for the Golden State Warriors as a Broadcasting Assistant.

Kristin Rasmussen is a Theatre Arts graduate student at SJSU. Her video was made in partnership with local hip hop artist JeFFHH, who wrote the song that is featured in her video, after he visited New Orleans a year ago while taking part in Louisiana Winter 1.


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