Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GCCWP Student Group Contact Information

In light of where the GCCW campaign is currently at, the GCCWP has
reorganized itself to focus primarily on building the national college
campus network to help pass HR 4048.

Our thirty student leaders at SJSU have broken down into six teams.
The lead contact person for each team and contact info are listed

National Campus Outreach Teams:

1. Gulf Coast Colleges: (Leads: Latu Tapaatoutai @ ltapaatoutai@hotmail.com and
Julia Lang @ julia.c.lang@gmail.com)
2. Historically Black Colleges: (Leads: Tena Flores @ tenafelicia@yahoo.com,
Hanna @ palindrome_image@comcast.net, Rochelle @ chelle1036@msn.com,
Carlyn @ carlynmsteward@gmail.com, and Sonja @ booboo0830@aol.com)
3. Campus Service-Learning Centers (Leads: Roberto Garcia-Ceballos @ pancho4o8@yahoo.com, Marcus Kilgore @ mkhomero@hotmail.com,
Alisia @ grusie2002@yahoo.com and Kristin Rasmussen @ kristinalexandra@gmail.com)
4. National Campus Based Organizations [e.g., Campus Progress,
Amnesty International] (Leads: Harold Bell @ mr.bell2@hotmail.com,
Rochelle @ chelle1036@msn.com)
5. Campuses already engaged with GCCWP (Lead: Scott Myers-Lipton @

If you have any contacts or ideas for these teams, please contact the
lead person.

Please note that we also have a GCCWP team focusing on getting our 53
CA Congress members to co-sponsor HR 4048. We already have two (plus
Congressmember Lofgren, who introduced the bill). The lead person on
the CALY campaign is Chris Hauck @ chrishauck@charter.net


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