Saturday, November 15, 2008

75 Students from 26 campuses Gather in New Orleans

75 Students from 26 campuses Gather in New Orleans

This past weekend, the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project and the Dillard U. Deep South Center for Environmental Justice brought together 75 students from 26 campuses and 16 states to New Orleans for a 3-day conference on HR 4048. On Friday, the students took a trip to the Bayou to see first-hand how the Louisiana wetlands are losing one football field every 36 minutes, and to discuss how the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act could be used to address this issue.

On Saturday and Sunday, students setup the frame work for the national campaign to pass HR 4048 in the first hundred days of the Obama Administration. Four Regional Coordinators were setup up. They are:

Northeast: Nathan Campbell:
South: Megan Williams:
West and Rocky Mt's: Chris Hauck, and
Roberto Garcia-Ceballos,
U.S. Law Students: Jonathan Rhodes:

Also, an action was chosen for November 19-20, which will be to have a "call-in' to Senator Landrieu's and Vitter's offices urging them to introduce a complementary bill into the next session of the Senate. The students also agreed to do monthly call-in campaigns, targeting a different official each month.

The students also discussed meeting again next spring in Washington, DC, possibly when the Education and Labor Committee, or sub-committee, holds a hearing on HR 4048.


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